Tools of Your Trade - #07 Kevin Rosmanitz

1. Name and profession
Kevin Rosmanitz / Copywriter

2. Where do you work?
Sajak & Farki

3. What inspired you to start?
I loved the Nike ads of the 90s and was huge into comics and movies. I grew up with a vivid imagination and a knack for describing what I saw in my head.

4. What's inspiring these days?
So much stuff! I think inspiration comes from everywhere. Just need to keep your eyes up to notice it and let it in when you see it.

5. 10 words about what's in the photo. 
I like bikes, so that’s always a thing with me.

6. What did you sketch in your Web Book this week?
Lots of notes, a few little flowcharts, some doodles, unstructured riff raff really.

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