Tools of Your Trade - #05 Aaron Thompson

1. Name and profession
Aaron Thompson / Senior Experience Architect

2. Where do you work?
Critical Mass

3. What inspired you to start?
I first got into design because of gig posters and album art. I liked how these visuals turned music from an auditory experience to a multi-sensory one. I slowly moved away from visual design and into user experience design due to my hyper logical brain meats. And my inability to draw. And my crippling fear of colour.

4. What's inspiring these days?
I am inspired by outer space, order and purpose, simplicity and dad jokes.

5. 10 words about what's in the photo.
Forehand Smash
Mind Palace

6. What did you sketch in your Web Book this week?
Sketching comes hard to me. I am a late bloomer to acknowledging its tremendous benefits in any sort of problem solving or creative endeavour. My sketches are wildly crude. Luckily however, since any piece of a UI can be drawn by knowing how to draw a triangle, a circle and a square, it doesn't matter too much.

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