Tools of Your Trade - #12 Dael Wasylenka

1. Name and profession
Dael Wasylenka / Partner, Design Director

2. Where do you work?
Sajak & Farki

3. What inspired you to start?
It is exciting to be in a creative field that allows me to be productive as a multidisciplinary — bringing together graphic, interactive, video and audio in an experience.

4. What's inspiring these days?
http://thisisnthappiness.com/ & http://www.fastcocreate.com/

5. 10 words about what's in the photo.
Striving to have a minimalist lifestyle: Simplify. Essentialist. Quality. Style. 

6. What did you sketch in your Gridbook this week?
Rough layouts of how an architect website's content can flow.

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