Tools of Your Trade - #10 Tana Green


1. Name and profession
Tana Green, Architecture and Interaction Design

2. Where do you work?
Tangible Places. Experience Design: on site & online. I founded this company in New York, and am currently working in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. 

3. What inspired you to start?

I was inspired by the renovation of my family’s home when I was about four years old. The world that I thought I knew as comforting and complete was expanded into something large and magical, all by the use of some architectural drawings by thoughtful people, the use of lumber, paint, some other basic materials, and a kind-hearted carpenter and his crew. Fast-forward a few decades later, after being involved with some large and significant museum exhibitions, I decided I really wanted to start my own practice. No matter how modest the project, I would be able to work directly with clients in my community, and perhaps further afield, to simply create delightful places utilizing dedicated communication and creative uses of comfortable materials. 

4. What’s inspiring these days?

I am inspired by many things, in scales great and small. Recurring themes of inspiration range from hydrological infrastructure and geologic formations to biological systems and structures. 

If I were to adapt a song based on the “These are a few of my favorite things” from The Sound of Music, it might include some of these details: 

Surface tension

Vernal sunrises over the Great Lakes

Animals who use interactive technology
Extremophile bacteria
The circulation systems of vegetablesAvian fossils
Bower birds

The smell of recently trimmed reclaimed timber beams and hardwood flooring.

Prehistoric ceramics
craft wine and whiskey labels

European and North American lumber and grist mills
concert halls that are inherently well-designed for acoustics
amateur roadside museums

Comparative linguistics
everything about the year 1997

Library Catalogs
Late 19th and early 20th Century art, architecture and design (1891-1926)specifically: Fin de Siecle, international style of early modernism, the American prairie craft movement, and the Situationist movement in Paris of the 1960s.
And almost any Italian, French, and British graphic design, cinema, and music from 1919 to 1929, and 1961 to 1968

shipping containers
3D printed pre-cast concrete structural modules 

5. 10 words about what's in the photo. 

6. Tell us about your sketches in your Mobile Book

I am in the process of designing a mobile guide for roadside museums and other cultural attractions in North America. The desire to preserve local memories and artifacts and showcase the narratives of a place should be celebrated. With the Roadside Museums app, travellers can diverge from the beaten path for a moment to reflect on the stories that exist between their origin and their destination. I am especially interested in designing a mobile experience that allows smaller attractions — which might not have lavish advertising budgets — to reach larger audiences. I hope to drive more visitors to the quirky and obscure micro-museums that are works of passion for small communities by creating a mobile app. Road-tripping North Americans can leverage the best GPS data available to allow users to prepare for their visit, learn about the stories off the well-worn and congested paths, and ensure key takeaways from their visit. I intend to help these museums grow into thriving local cultural institutions. 

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