• Canada Post Shipping Disruption
  • Paul Bazay
Canada Post Shipping Disruption

It's important for us at Gridbooks to keep you informed. There is a possibility of mail disruption with Canada Post. Currently negotiations is still ongoing and if you'd like to learn more, below is a link to the latest news. 

Canada Post Mail Disruption Update

Gridbooks uses Canada Post for all shipping, so should a disruption occur as they stated, July 2 2016, we will do our best to find the most economical shipping alternative for all Gridbooks orders. 

We recommend at the moment that if you were thinking of ordering a Gridbook, to do so before Friday June 17. If mail disruption is announced any orders between June 18 to 30th will be delayed as we look into alternative shipping options. 

Once we have alternate options arranged and get confirmation that the mail disruption will happen, we'll update all shipping estimates. 

  • Paul Bazay