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Tools of Your Trade - #01 Shiori Saito

Note: This is part of an ongoing series exploring the techniques and rationales of digital artists. To be a part of this series, contact us below. 

1. Name and profession
Shiori Saito / Production Designer

2. Where do you work?
Sajak & Farki

3. What inspired you to start?
The art-making process of other artists and designers reminds me to push my boundaries and continue to create.

I'm influenced by the artwork of Janet Cardiff, Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli), Eric Carle, Toshio Iwai, Ars ElectronicaNFB Interactive Film series and Video Games. 

4. What's inspiring these days?
The ability to immerse myself into familiar simplicity and comfort allows me to explore and reveal unexpected ideas/connections in everyday life. I love observing my surroundings and that fills my mind with fresh thoughts and fun discoveries. Cats have also been a big source of comfort and inspiration in my home. They gently invite me to pursue my creative process.

5. 10 words about what's in the photo.
Connecting dots

6. What did you sketch in your Web Book this week? 
I sketched quick wireframes, a few email layouts, my long to-do lists and a cat face that says "track time".

Check out Shiori's work at shiorisaito.com and follow her on Twitter at @ssai2 

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